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I have added new pics of Chloe at Infinite Loop event hosted by Calvin Klein in Seoul, South Korea yesterday. Chloe looks stunning 🙂

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May 24 2012: ‘Infinite Loop’ Hosted By Calvin Klein

Note: In case anyone was wondering, I don’t add paps related pics of Chloe unless they are event related and movie related. So, it’s not the reason of not being able to get them because I can. I just want to respect Chloe’s privacy which is why I don’t post them.

Cannes 2012: The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea Update

AngelWorld Entertainment will finance and produce the Jessica Biel-Chloe Moretz-Jeffrey Dean Morgan starrer The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea, with Justin Timberlake set to compose the movie’s soundtrack and serve as music supervisor.

Bill Purple will direct from a script by Robbie Pickering. Biel will produce with Michelle Purple under their Iron Ocean Films banner alongside Preferred Content’s Ross M. Dinerstein and AngelWorld’s Darby Angel.

AngelWorld has burst on the scene at this year’s Cannes, announcing a new $150 million equity fund that will finance six films. Deep Blue Sea is the second of the titles announced after The Big Shoe, directed by Steven Shainberg and starring Jim Sturgess and Susan Sarandon.

Deep Blue Sea is set to start shooting this fall.

Set in New Orleans, Deep Blue Sea follows Henry (Morgan), a grieving widower who recently lost his wife (Biel) in a car accident, as he finds refuge by helping a wisecracking young girl (Moretz) fulfill her dream of building a raft and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

“This project is a perfect fit for AngelWorld with its gripping script, stellar cast and talented production team,” Angel said.

Biel is represented by CAA and Management 360, while Moretz and Timberlake are represented by WME. CAA, which represents Pickering, set up financing for the film and will represent North American distribution rights.


Director Jeff Wadlow Talks KICK-ASS 2 And Bringing Back Chloë Moretz

At a panel with fellow director’s Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes) today at the Kapow! Comic Convention, the writer and director of Kick-Ass 2 has talked for the first time about taking on the highly anticipated adaptation of the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Series. He was also quizzed by a fan as to whether or not Chloë Moretz, now 15 years of age, will return as Hit-Girl. Below are his comments in full, but stay tuned to CBM today as we bring you updates on both Godzilla and Supercrooks, both of which will be directed by the two other film makers who were on the panel.

“Well, I can tell you that I’m here in London because we’re making the movie. They brought me over about a week ago and I’m going to be here for about a year. It’s happening. Our first day of photography is in September. It’s all moving forward. I wrote the script over the holidays. I’m just very happy to be here and I’m very lucky to be working with Matthew Vaughn, whose just an incredible producer. Obviously he’s a fantastic writer and director, but he’s produced even more movies than he’s directed and he’s having a tremendous experience so far. It’s moving forward and it’s happening.”

“It’s been an interesting process because for those of you who know the property really well, the movie takes some significant liberties with the first comic book. So then Mark did the sequel to the comic book which is Kick-Ass 2. So I had sort of this movie and the comic book and I had to find the intersection. An adaptation was quite a challenge, but one that I really enjoyed and loved. I think the most important thing that’s gonna change from the Kick-Ass 2 comic to Kick-Ass 2 the movie was just really finding an emotional story to tell. Because what I certainly loved about the first film, and what I think elevated it above most comic book adaptations, is the heart and the emotion in the film. It was sort of my challenge as the film maker and storyteller to find something as emotional in the second film and I think we have some stuff that people are gonna really respond to.”

“Well, nothing is official yet. But I had breakfast with Chloe two weeks ago and she’s read the script and she’s very excited about what we’re doing with Hit-Girl. If you’ve read the comic, you know, she gives up being Hit-Girl, which was a brilliant idea I thought on Mark’s part. It’s something I explore something quiet deeply in the movie because what happens in the comic is she sort of steps away from the story in many ways and she’s sort of sidelined while Dave is working with Justice Forever and Chris is becoming the Mother[frick]er. But I was quite interested in what happens to her when she’s not being Hit-Girl. Her story is a major, major part of the film and she’s excited about the ideas and we’re in talks.”

While I was initially a little surprised by the choice of Jeff Wadlow, hearing him talk about the film made it clear that he’s the right man for the job. The panel lasted for over 45 minutes and he also went into great detail about being a writer and director. Personally, I would say that it most definitely seems as if the sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s 2010 hit is in very good hands indeed.


Casting Update: Alex Russell & Ansel Elgort in negotiations for Carrie remake

Alex Russell & Ansel Elgort are in negotiations to join Chloe in Carrie remake:

“Chronicle” star Alex Russell and Off Broadway thesp Ansel Elgort are in negotiations to join the cast of MGM and Screen Gems’ “Carrie” remake, which stars Chloe Moretz in the title role.

Kimberly Peirce will helm the project with Kevin Misher producing.

The original 1976 pic was based on the Stephen King novel that followed a sheltered high schooler who unleashes her new telekinetic powers on the kids who picked on her at school. Russell will play one of the bullies, and Elgort will play a friend who takes Carrie to the prom.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa penned the script. Production is set to start later this summer, with MGM planning to bow the film March 15 next year.

Role will mark Elgort’s theatrical film debut after making his acting debut in the Off Broadway drama “Regrets” this past spring. As for “Chronicle’s” Russell, the up-and-comer was one of a handful of young actors up for the John McClane Jr. role in Fox’s “A Good Day to Die Hard” before Jai Courtney landed the role.

Russell is repped by UTA, United Management and Roar.

Elgort is repped by CAA and managed by Brookside Artist Management.


Punk’d 9×07 Bonus Scene: Chloe Moretz’s Reaction

Check out this bonus scene of Chloe getting punk’d by Dax Shepard.

Chloe Moretz might only be 14, but even she remembers the punk-heard-round-the-world. Yes, yes, we’re talking about when pop star Justin Timberlake completely broke down at the thought of his back-taxed house being put up for public auction. And since Chloe’s adorable gullibility was a definite throwback to J. Tim’s own naivete, guest host Dax Shepard has officially declared her the pop star’s second coming. Uhhh, guess she should say thanks?

Chloe catches a breath in this bonus scene of tonight’s “Punk’d” episode and starts to sort through her memories of the prank. She mentions that the performances were convincing, but she should have known the driver’s multiple conversations with his fake-wife, which were sliiiiightly unprofessional, were staged. The actress maintains a solid game face until she stumbles upon the control booth–where all of her shocked reactions were documented–and finally submits to shame. “Noooooo, that’s so embarrassing!” she says. And that, friends, is the sound of success.

Get More: Punk’d, Full Episodes


The 25 Best Hollywood Actors Under 25

Chloe is number 9 on Complex Magazine’s The 25 Best Hollywood Actors Under 25:

9. Chloë Moretz

Age: 15
Best projects: (500 Days of Summer) (2009), Kick-Ass (2010), Let Me In (2010), Hugo (2011), Dark Shadows (2012)

The fact that Chloë Moretz is only 15 years old never ceases to amaze us. In every one of her strong, commanding performances, the adolescent powerhouse carries herself with the gravitas of an accomplished actress three times her age, which leads us to believe that, assuming Moretz’s agent keeps her away from Lindsay Lohan at all costs, she’s got one hell of a fruitful career ahead of her.

And, thus far, Moretz has covered a wide range of genres. For horror heads, she gave haters no reason to bitch and moan in Let Me In, Cloverfield director Matt Reeves’ excellent vampire remake in which his young starlet broke hearts and chilled spines in equal measure. She’s even owned the superhero realm, stealing every scene in 2010’s Kick-Ass as the brutal body-dropper Hit Girl.

In Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, Moretz, unfortunately, doesn’t get a whole lot to do once Johnny Depp shows up and, unsurprisingly, takes over, but the flashes we do get of her show an actress who’s easing into more adult roles that don’t require costumes or gore effects.

Although, her next big look, the recently announced Carrie remake, should include plenty of the latter. Under any other circumstances, our Stephen-King-loving souls would loathe the idea of a new Carrie White, but Moretz is all the reassurance we need.


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