Kimberly Peirce Talks Carrie Remake and Chloe Moretz

Another update in regards to Carrie remake from director Kimberly Peirce:

More coming out of the Carrie remake camp today. The latest comes from director Kimberly Peirce who took a moment recently to clue us in on what direction she’ll be taking with the flick, as well as what we can expect from star Chloe Moretz!

On her official Facebook page Peirce shared the follow with eager fans …

“I am modernizing the story as one has to in order to bring any great piece of work written in one era into the next and especially given how very relevant this material is right now.

Chloe is going deep into character to get this right….sewing her own dresses, spending time in her closet….and so much more….Thanks for all the great wishes. We are on it! And privileged to be working with such great source material.

Look for Kimberly Peirce’s take on Carrie to be in theatres on March 15, 2013.

In the story shy high school student Carrie White is raised by a nightmarish religious fanatic mother and comes to grip with devastating telepathic powers just as she reaches puberty. She eventually uses those gifts for lethal means when fellow classmates use the prom as an excuse to humiliate her before the entire school in a parable about bullying.

Sissy Spacek played the character in the first movie, with Piper Laurie playing her mother, and Amy Irving, Nancy Allen, John Travolta, Betty Buckley and William Katt rounding out the cast. Both Spacek and Laurie got Oscar nominations for their work in the 1976 film.


Casting Update: Julianne Moore In Talks To Play Carrie’s Mom In The Horror Remake

Small casting update for Carrie Remake, Julianne Moore is in talks to play Carrie’s mom in the movie. It would be awesome to see Julianne play the mom for Chloe’s character!

The people behind the maybe-not-a-great-idea remake of Carrie had the chance to justify the whole effort by doing once simple thing: casting Sissy Spacek as Carrie’s mom. The actress who originated the role of the telekinetic teenager would have been able to act circles around her replacement, Chloe Moretz, but also establish a nice link to the past, enabling this remake to acknowledge its predecessors, hand a meaty role to a veteran and bring on someone legitimately terrifying in this monster-mom role, all in a single swoop.

But of course, they’re not going to do that, just like they didn’t cast someone with the necessarily vulnerability to play Carrie and brought in Moretz instead. But happily, they maybe have miraculously brought in someone who can do as much justice to the role as Piper Laurie did in the 70s. According to Bloody Disgusting, Columbia Pictures is in talks with Julianne Moore to take over the role. The film is set for a March 13, 2013 release, which means they’ll have to move fast to secure an actress and get production started. And Moore really does seem well-suited to the role, with a good mix of intensity and her own vulnerability that might help you believe not just her terrifying presence, but how she might really be Carrie’s mother to begin with.

With Kimberly Peirce on board to direct, Carrie can’t quite be written off as your standard knockoff horror remake, but it’s hard to know exactly what to make of it at all. Moore signing on might indicate a little more quality, but then again she’s made plenty of crap over the years as well. More importantly, do you think she’s right for the role? Let us know in the comments below.


Sony dates ‘Carrie’ remake for March 2013

Sony has set a March 15, 2013, opening for “Carrie,” MGM’s remake of Stephen King’s horror tale.

Chloe Moretz will star in the title role that made Sissy Spacek famous in 1976. Directed by Kimberly Peirce (“Boys Don’t Cry”) and scripted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, story centers on a shy high-school student who uses her newly discovered telekinetic powers to exact revenge on her classmates.

MGM’s planning to start shooting the reboot this summer. “Carrie” will open against Relativity’s comedy “21 and Over,” starring Justin Chon, Miles Teller and Sarah Wright.

MGM, which emerged from a pre-packaged bankruptcy in late 2010, has opted to partner with other distributors for its films. It tapped Sony last fall to distribute “Skyfall” and the following James Bond film.


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