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Magazine Scan Additions

I have added scans of Chloe from some various 2016 publications to the gallery. These were all donated from the amazing Tiana, so thanks goes out to her!

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Photoshoot Additions

I have added some recent missing photoshoots of Chloe to the image gallery!


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Event Additions

0006.jpg 0007.jpg 0004.jpg 0007.jpg

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Recent Event Updates

So sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I’ve been tending to my health. I have however started to add things to the site, first we have all the missing events of Chloe that have been added to the gallery.

0003.jpg 0075.jpg 0011.jpg 0020.jpg

0016.jpeg 0001.jpg 0003.jpg 0003.jpg

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Event Photos Catch Up

I have added the three missing events that Chloe attended at the end of last month and one from last evening to our image gallery.

0011.jpg 0003.jpg 0006.jpg 0006.jpg

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Missing 2015 Event Photos

I have fininished adding in the missing events of 2015 to our gallery.

0002.jpg 0009.jpg 0004.jpg

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Coach Fall 2016 Runway Show in New York Photos

0002.jpg 0008.jpg 0007.jpg 0009.jpg

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Delta Airlines ‘Site and Sounds’ Pre Grammy Party Photos

Photos from Chloe’s latest event have been added to the gallery.

0003.jpg 0007.jpg 0009.jpg 0001.jpg

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The Fifth Wave Production Stills and Posters

0013.jpg 0012.jpg 0002.jpg 0001.jpg

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Empire Magazine – February SCans

Thanks to Annie, I have added scans of Chloe from the February issue of Empire to the image gallery.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg

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