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Gallery Update: Missing 2017 Events

Gallery Update: Missing 2017 Events

I’ve added three events that were missing from the end of 2017 to the image gallery.

0003.jpg 0005.jpg 0021.jpg

Gallery Link:

Chloe Moretz Daily is Back and with a new home at @freefansitehost

Thanks to Free Fansite Hosting, we have moved to a new home after our host was forced to shut down. We are now located at so please update your bookmarks!

Welcome Back!

Hi all! Chloe Moretz Daily is back with all new main and gallery layouts. 😀 What do y’all think of them? I love them and I think they fit perfect for the site. Thank you so much to Jess for designing these two looks for the site!

Also the sidebar has been updated and I’m going to start updating the content very soon such as re-do the career pages, etc.

Chloe Moretz Daily now on tumblr!

I have finally created a tumblr page for the site. Make sure to follow!

New layout

We finally have a new layout on the site! Thanks to Samantha for designing the lovely new layout. Hope you guys like it!

New Gallery Theme

I have changed the gallery theme of the site. This one is designed by Samantha! I decided to use pics from Chloe’s Teen Vogue shoot. She looks really stunning in them 🙂

Grand Opening of Chloe Moretz Daily!

Welcome to the grand opening of Chloe Moretz Daily, your newest source for actress Chloe Grace Moretz! Here you’ll find all the latest news, media and information about Chloe! Thanks to Gertie at for hosting this site and Claudia for coding this theme and making the gallery layout!

Please look around, check out the gallery and come back very soon for more updates on Chloe! Oh and remember to follow Chloe Moretz Daily on Twitter @chloemdaily!