Chloe Grace Moretz Covers Nylon Magazine

Chloe is on the cover of the May issue of Nylon Magazine. I have added scans below:

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2013: Nylon Magazine – May

Can’t get enough Chloe Grace Moretz? We’re right there with you.

Since you’ve definitely read our May issue cover-to-cover by now, check out these additional never-before-seen quotes from the actress below!

On growing up and not having to compete for attention:
“My mom kept an amazing atmosphere in the house because no one had to compete for anything. Everyone had their own moment. If you want to be a gymnast or a tennis player or a golf player or an actor, she was like, ‘well, okay. Let’s do it. We’re going to go full steam ahead and we’re not going quit. If you start in soccer game, you’re going to finish it.”’

On taking selfies:
“I talk to my friends all day on the phone, and when we’re around each other we’re still on our phones, and we’re talking selfies. It’s become such a part of our society.”

On partying with her family:
“You know, I can make anything my own thing. Even when I’m at a Dior party or Chanel party, I bring my family with me and people with me and surround myself with them. I have that little bubble, where I’m having fun with my family, and I’m dancing with them, and drinking my Sprite. I make everything personal more than a business situation.”

On being nice:
“There are some actors in the world who aren’t very good, but when you meet them they’re the nicest people in the world and literally the most fun to work with. And you go, ‘okay, that’s why you work all the time. You’re a fine actor, you can get the job done, but you’re a great person to be around.’ They’d rather pay millions of dollars to be around a fun person than a diva who ruins their day but who is amazing. Be a good actor, do your job, but also be nice because you have no reason to be a diva. There’s never a reason for it.


Chloe Moretz to star in The Equalizer

Congrats to Chloe! She has been offered role of the female lead in The Equalizer with Denzel Washington after a strong reading with him.

A couple of intriguing developments have happened on The Equalizer. After a strong reading with Denzel Washington, Chloe Moretz is getting the offer from Sony Pictures to play the female lead in the drama that will re-team Training Day tandem Washington and Antoine Fuqua. At the same time, Michael Sloan, creator of the 1980s TV series, has made a deal to write an original novel for Thomas Dunne Books that will continue the adventures of Robert McCall, the shadowy character originated by Edward Woodward who’ll be played on the big screen by Washington.

Moretz is a surprise choice to play the role of Teri, in that the role was originally drawn for a twentysomething. After Moretz did a chemistry reading with Washington, he was very impressed as was everybody else, and the role will be redrawn for Moretz to play a young prostitute, reminiscent of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. Deal has to be made, but between this and the upcoming Kimberly Peirce-directed Carrie, that little girl from Kick-Ass is turning into a young woman who’s taking on some of the edgiest roles in town.

As for the the new book: It was acquired for the St. Martin’s Press/Macmillan Publishers imprint Thomas Dunne Books by editor Brendan Deneen, a movie-centric editor who also runs Macmillan Films and who also edits a line of bestsellers set in The Walking Dead universe. The novel will be published in early 2014 and focuses on the mysterious McCall, a former covert intelligence officer who helps desperate people who are in need of his unique and deadly set of skills. This sounds a bit like the terrific Luther prequel novel written by Neil Cross, creator of that BBC cop series that stars Idris Elba as the existentially tortured detective. Sloan’s book will be an original adventure for the Equalizer character, and not a novelization of the movie which Sony has set for an April 11, 2014 release of what the studio hopes will be the start of a franchise. Richard Wenk wrote the script and Escape Artists partners Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch are producing along with Alex Siskin, Mace Neufeld, Sloan and Tony Eldridge, with David Bloomfield exec producing. WME and 3 Arts rep Moretz. Sloan’s repped by Meyer Management.


Carrie Promotional Stills

I have added latest promotional stills of Chloe in Carrie along with the latest posters.

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Promotional Stills

Chloe Moretz In Talks To Join ‘Sils Maria’

Chloe is in talks to star in Sils Maria.

Juliette Binoche and Mia Wasikowska are close to getting a new co-star in Sils Maria. Chloe Moretz is in negotiations to join the Olivier Assayas-directed film. The Carrie reboot actress would play the character of JoAnn in the film. The character is an actress who becomes the obsession of the actress played by Binoche after JoAnn takes on a role that made the older woman famous when she was young. As Deadline’s Mike Fleming exclusively reported yesterday, IFC picked up the domestic rights to Sils Maria on Monday. With the new Carrie this fall and a return to her Hit-Girl role in Kick-Ass 2 this summer, Moretz has also had a busy casting month. As Deadline broke in late March, Moretz is in talks, along with Anne Hathaway and Sam Rockwell, for the Lynn Shelton-directed comedy Laggies. As well, as I reported on April 1, the actress is set to join Charlize Theron in the mystery film Dark Places. Moretz is repped by WME and 3 Arts.


2013 MTV Movie Awards HD Screencaps added

I have added hd screencaps of Chloe during MTV Movie Awards.

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April 14 2013: 2013 MTV Movie Awards – Screencaps [HD]

“Carrie” Press Conference (pics)

I have added press conference pics of Chloe in Cancun for Carrie.

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April 18 2013: Carrie Press Conference

“Carrie” At The 5th Annual Summer Of Sony (pics)

I have added pics of Chloe and Julianne Moore at The 5th Annual Summer Of Sony in Cancun on Thursday.

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April 18 2013: “Carrie” Photo Call At The 5th Annual Summer Of Sony

2013 MTV Movie Awards (pics)

I have added pics of Chloe attending 2013 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. She presented Best Villain with Quvenzhané Wallis to Tom Hiddleston for his role as Loki in The Avengers.

Gallery Links:
April 14 2013: 2013 MTV Movie Awards – Arrivals
April 14 2013: 2013 MTV Movie Awards – Backstage and Audience
April 14 2013: 2013 MTV Movie Awards – Show

Kick-Ass 2 Sneak Peek

Check out this first clip of Chloe in her upcoming movie, Kick-Ass 2.

MTV Movie Awards: ET Online interview

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