Event Photos Catch Up

I have added the three missing events that Chloe attended at the end of last month and one from last evening to our image gallery.

0011.jpg 0003.jpg 0006.jpg 0006.jpg

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Missing 2015 Event Photos

I have fininished adding in the missing events of 2015 to our gallery.

0002.jpg 0009.jpg 0004.jpg

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Coach Fall 2016 Runway Show in New York Photos

0002.jpg 0008.jpg 0007.jpg 0009.jpg

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Delta Airlines ‘Site and Sounds’ Pre Grammy Party Photos

Photos from Chloe’s latest event have been added to the gallery.

0003.jpg 0007.jpg 0009.jpg 0001.jpg

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The Fifth Wave Production Stills and Posters

0013.jpg 0012.jpg 0002.jpg 0001.jpg

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Empire Magazine – February SCans

Thanks to Annie, I have added scans of Chloe from the February issue of Empire to the image gallery.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg

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Io Donna – January Scans

0002.jpg 0001.jpg0003.jpg

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Magazine Scan Updates

30-12-15-vanimx_lay_106.jpg0001.jpg 0001.jpg 0003.jpg

0001.jpg 0001.jpg 0001.jpg0001.jpg

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Photoshoot and Ad Campaign Additions

0003.jpg 0007.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg

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Event Photo Update

I’ve added a bunch of images of Chloe from events she attended both last year and this year to the gallery. More will be coming soon!

0001.jpg 0005.jpg 0001.jpg 0004.jpg

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